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What Customers Say

After years of using the product, I remain convinced that it is the best one on the market for Anesthesia records. The software is easy to use, produces elegant records, and creates unlimited data that is easily recovered and analyzed. The company is growing and responding to client’s requests constantly, and their success is duly earned because they have created a product that every anesthesia provider will truly love!

I love iProcedures, and I love the people who work for them. I just think that they are great, and that makes me want to help them. I tell other providers that iProcedures offers a pretty good deal.

I think iProcedures is way off the scale when it comes to their investment in our success. They are above 100%, and that is one of the reasons we love them. They listen to everyone who uses the system, and theyconstantly release upgrades based on the feedback they receive. There are at least a couple of upgrades every year. The progress iProcedures has made in the last few years is unbelievable, and the reason for their progress is because they listen to people so well. Some people pretend to want our opinions, but iProcedures doesn't pretend. They take our opinions and make changes. Because of that, their company continues to get better and better.

I would say iProcedures is 100% invested in our success. We are very lucky to have them as a vendor, and we work with a very supportive team. Our trainers were very, very good when they were training us. We were very pleased with the whole process.

iProcedures strives to provide complete and accurate anesthesia records for not only the provider but also the facility and the back office that handles billing. iProcedures listens to the end users and works with the facilities to improve their product.

iProcedures works with us to make changes. For example, there were a lot of fields that we needed providers to fill out, and we were able to get iProcedures to make sure that our users could not exit the program unless they filled out all of the required fields. That was huge. iProcedures also put in all the outcomes measures that we wanted. The vendor keeps changing the system to make sure we are getting all of the data points we need. The government changes their requirements often, which is somewhat bizarre, but iProcedures does a pretty good job of keeping up with those changes.

So far we are very impressed with iProcedures. They are very reactive to our issues and concerns. They are quick to respond to any of our questions with support.

We are confident in iProcedures' ability to develop the product as the landscape changes. We believe the vendor will keep up with PQRS and other quality reporting measurements. I wish there was something I could tell the vendor to improve, but we really love the product and enjoy working with the iProcedures team. We have access to the vendor's management. When we call the customer support team in the early hours of the morning, we get the help that we need. Support is not an issue with iProcedures.

We feel like iProcedures is very invested in the success of our anesthesia program. They are very responsive to any requests or any needs that we have. If we need something from the system and we haven't been able to figure out how to do it ourselves, we can reach out to them. They are always willing to provide us with the tools and the resources that we need to be successful.